Penny Karpovsky

Penny began training under Fujishima Hanshi in 1989 and helped organize the first and second SKIF international seminars held at California State University, Northridge. She was promoted to shodan by Soke in Tokyo following the 5th SKIF World Championship, Yokohama.

She has participated in seminars of Soke, Kancho, and Fujishima Hanshi as well as placing first in kata, masters division, at the 9th SKIF World Championship, Tokyo, and 10th SKIF World Championship, Athens.
She was promoted to 5th dan by Kanazawa Kancho in 2018.

A teacher for 30 years in Los Angeles Unified School District, Penny has managed the CSUN Martial Arts Center, the CSUN Karate Club, and California Karate Association as administrative assistant to Fujishima Hanshi.

She has served on the board of SKIF-USA as Treasurer since 2016.

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